Ready, set, go is out of order

If you know me personally or have read my posts for a while,sunshine,  you know that I am an adventure-seeker. I live for experiences that others would deem borderline insane.

When I get an idea that I believe is God-inspired, (and it’s legal and morally and ethically sound), I am all in, like never-having-swam-before-and-jumping-off-the-high-dive-without-floaties-kind of-all-in.

Some might use words like “impulsive” or “short-sighted”, but I prefer to reframe those. I believe I am “driven” and “Spirit-lead.”

A perfect example of this driven-as-if-by-a-motor-ambition was when I started Shine with Frannie. People were ready to commit me to an institution because I quit my job without any secure contracts or forms of financial support.

It was bold.
It was a long-shot.

I had no business background.
I had no capital.
I had no degrees in business, marketing, theology or ministry for that matter.
And worse yet, I had little experience in any of these areas, which can often trump a degree any day.

But I had God. 
And I had a big vision that I am confident that He placed upon my heart–Shine with Frannie is the beginning of this ultimate vision: Frannie on Five. (More about that in another post, sunshine.)

I was encouraged that I was not certifiably crazy nor alone when I read one of Mark Patterson’s books, Chase the Lion, in which he advises readers to go full throttle, like the Biblical character Benaiah (2 Sam 23) who chased a lion into a cave and came out alive! (FYI: I had never heard this Biblical story before reading this book.)

Batterson calls dream chasers to be lion hunters, metaphorically speaking of course, encouraging them to chase their 500lb-dreams.

He shares the importance of being willing despite being ready. Obedience.
He explains the importance of taking the first step before God reveals the second. Faith. 
He reveals that Ready, Set, Go, is out of order–instead it’s Go, Set, Ready! Trust.

This book was a game-changer for me and receives the FF-5-star-rating. (No royalties are being exchanged for promotion of this book, BTW.) 🙂

So whether you’re a thrill-seeker by nature or not, most likely if you’re reading my posts, you are a believer. And if you’ve read till the end, there is a message in here for you for certain.

What might God be trying to tell you from these few pearls of Chase the Lion wisdom that I shared with you today, sunshine?