I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and the gift of teaching, too.

When I was in grade school, I would have kids pay me a quarter to teach them swear words. Sometimes it was the actual word and sometimes it was the meaning of the word or its usage in context.

I would learn these forbidden words from my older brother (sorry, B!) and his neighborhood friends; I was the popular “advanced” kid at Sacred Heart, (class of 11 students–how could I be unpopular?) despite being the youngest in the grade. (As a former teacher, I now realize I was every teacher’s nightmare.)

One day after school, I went to my friend Julie’s house. (It’s important to know that she was a sheltered only child). As a “friend”, I offered her a free swear session. Her mother, a first grade teacher in a Catholic school, was eaves-dropping on our open-door conversation and heard me rattle off a series of words that would’ve landed me in Sr. Veronica’s office with a paddle across my bottom for sure.

She charged in, yelling “What on earth are you saying? You’re on your way to getting a Palmolive martini, Fran!”

I hadn’t a clue what a martini was and wasn’t wise enough to put it together that I was on my way to getting my mouth washed out with soap. (For those inquiring minds, yes, she made me gargle dish soap; I don’t recommend it.)

Despite the awful aftertaste, this did not put an end to my swear sales. In fact the word on the street increased my rate as people talked about it the next day at school. And lesson learned: I learned to be more discerning about where and to whom to offer my lessons.

By God’s grace, I no longer make money off of selling swear words and because of my desire to honor God, I don’t use them regularly in my vocabulary either.

And that is what we are instructed to do with our words.
Choose them wisely.

In this week’s scripture memorization, letter [K], King David tells us,

Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies.” 

Pretty simple wisdom, but not always easy to apply, right?

If you’ve ever read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, it’s a quick read–non-biblical, but it gives some great concepts that are rooted in The Word. He gives some great application to King David’s practical wisdom. The first agreement is be impeccable with your words and a few of the suggestions are outlined in the image above.

As you set about memorizing scripture this week, sunshine, consider the impeccability of your words and the character that others will witness in and through you as a result of the words you speak. 

With a Palmolive kiss,

ABC Scripture memorization: Letter [K] “Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies.”
Ps. 34:13