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Begin tracking your successes as you keep committed to your vision! Download this journal and become physically, emotionally, and spiritually stronger, healthier, and more confident in 2016 and beyond! Click to download your own fitness and food journal NOW!

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While you may have not successfully met your 2015 goals, 2016 is here and you get to start again and make this year different than the others. It’s time to stop searching for the right weight loss supplement, 7-day cleanse, or newest, most exciting DVD exercise box set. It’s time to start creating your best version of you!

One of the most successful practices of those who’ve lost weight and maintained it for more than a year was to track their daily food intake. The awareness of what you are eating and drinking helps you monitor calories in, but you are more than just carbs, protein and fat and your health is more than just food.

“It’s Your Time to Shine” journal encourages you to create weekly goals, track your water intake, log your daily exercise and activity, and even note your prayer and meditation time, after all, getting to the heart of the matter is what matters most, right!?

As you chronicle each of these things daily, you create new habits and bring mindfulness, gratitude and change to your life. You have the power to write your own story by choosing to become physically, emotionally, and spiritually stronger, healthier, and more confident in 2016 and beyond!

So begin your transformation today and download your own copy of “It’s Your Time to Shine” NOW!