2022 is here!


I love reviewing my vision board from the previous year and reflecting upon the events and lessons learned.


Here are some things I gleaned from 2021:


  1. God’s plans and mine are not synced on the same timeline.
  2. Reading 10-pages was one of the best morning practices I’ve ever implemented.
  3. You’re never too old to have an 80s dance party (or wear neon, jelly bracelets, and side ponytails!)
  4. Home Depot is a great place for single women to find a date. (Yet, I am still single…)
  5. I don’t need the scale to “keep me on track” with my weight.
  6. Who knew you could get paid to make videos about pee, poop, or being single? (Check out my FB reels to see what I am talking about!)
  7. Supplements (along with proper sleep, nutrition, and activity) are a key component of a healthy lifestyle.
  8. Dreaming is free and biblical! (and essential for a spirit-led life!)
  9. Closing 3 rings on your Apple watch every day is not as easy as it seems.
  10. Everything is figureoutable.
  11. Prioritize the stops of Jesus, and you’ll naturally follow in His steps.
  12. Not everyone will like you.
  13. Waking up without an alarm is the best start to a day.
  14. Always live below your means.
  15. Humility is one of the most admirable qualities.
  16. Pickleball is fun.
  17. If you read one of Bob Goff’s books, call the phone number included in the back–he just might answer!
  18. Random (and planned) acts of kindness yield an exponential reward on the investment.
  19. People are watching you whether you “see” them or not.
  20. God sees what we can become, not what we’ve done.
  21. I prefer sand on Christmas rather than snow.


Perhaps something in this list resonated with you; if so, I’d love to hear from YOU! Drop a message below!


Also, I invite you to take some time to consider what you’ve learned over this past year. This activity is a great opportunity for reflection as well as practice of gratitude as you see what God has done in and through you!

P.S. As I mentioned above, dreaming is free and biblical! I am hosting a virtual training on Saturday, January 8 at 10AM EST. I will share the difference between visions, dreams, and goals, what the Bible has to say about each of them, and how they all are essential for spirit-led living! Message me at frannie@shinewithfrannie.com if you want to join us!