A couple of weeks ago, I read my dear friend Safi’s blog, and I was stunned at some of the statistics that she shared.

She shared famous people who’ve had to push past their comfort zones in order to achieve success. The one that struck me the most was that Stephen King’s first book, Carrie, was rejected over 50 times, and then eventually by the world-renowned author himself. It was only his wife fishing it out of the bin to encourage him to resubmit it that meant it ever ended up on our night stands.

I don’t know about you, sunshine,  but I think rejection hurts. In some areas of my life, it causes me to retreat and step back into my comfort zone–this mostly happens in situations where I get most embarrassed or humiliated. 

Examples include, but are certainly not limited to: mustering enough courage to talk to the Bradley Cooper look-a-like at the gym, only to be informed he’s engaged and soon to be married. 

Or spending hours planning and setting up a webinar, having 20+ people registered and my internet goes out. 

Yep, after each of these experiences–yes, they are real–I  pretty much wanted to stay outside the ring as a spectator rather than stepping in in fear of a total Ronda Rousey knockout.

But then I thought, “What if?!”
I mean, what if “the one” waits on the other end of the cute-guy at the gym conversation? Or “the one” who needs a little extra encouragement and FF shine is listening to that webinar.

I realized that I was not meant to play small and stay safe. I realized that rejection is a helpful tool and tremendous stepping stone to new and more exciting opportunities.

I am declaring the 2016 as “the year of saying ‘No’ to rejection”, after all, NO is simply short for “next opportunity.”

Are you ready to declare “NO” with me this year, sunshine?
Let’s do it.
It’s fun to explore new opportunities together. 

If you are ready for a shift in your thinking and need to claim your power back, let’s hop on a call and see if I am the right person to be on the journey with you.

And if now is not your time to say “NO”, maybe you know someone who is ready. Please share this message with them. 

With love,