I am a bucket lister.
I am a goal setter.
I am a New Year’s Resolution writer.
I rely on Google calendar daily. (And of course, I back it up with an old-school written planner then prioritize my each day with a post-it note. Don’t judge me.)
Yes. I am an over-achiever, sunshine.

It made perfect sense that my Aunt Cindy (who knows me all-too-well) sent me this brief and thought-provoking video about a really cool project started by Candy Chang.

There were some great take-aways; the most thoughtful are the two most valuable resources.

Before watching the video, what would you say they are, sunshine?

I encourage you to watch this 5-minute TED Talk and ponder the two most valuable resources and consider how death makes us contemplate life, in particular, the two most valuable resources.

Perhaps, like me, you will make some changes and reconsider writing a list or setting a goal in place of a more important and meaningful resource.

It’s time for me to go meet my neighbor…