You probably opened this email because you read the subject line:
“I didn’t reach my goal to lose -20lbs.”
I admit, I debated sharing this with you, sunshine. 
I wondered if some would judge. How can she offer weight loss advice…?

I questioned if some would celebrate–you know how there are those people who didn’t get something so they don’t want you to have it either? (Sadly, sometimes I am “those people.” #imaworkinprogress) 

But as we typically do, we put more pressure on ourselves than others do. 
That’s why it was so hard for me to confess this.
I feel like a hypocrite, sunshine. 

Here I am running goal-setting challenges, hosting a vision setting retreat and encouraging others to claim their power over a holiday cookie tray with a 25×25 challenge, yet I didn’t reach the goal I committed to in October. #smh 

Now don’t get me wrong, I am far better off than I’d be if I didn’t host those challenges and keep accountable and committed to you, but I am half-way shy of my -20lb goal, so that in and of itself is progress, I guess, right?!

But sunshine, 2019 is here.
And a new year holds promise and a newfound motivation.
I’m going all in.

I’m ready to kick 2019 in the teeth.
And the best way for me to do this is to offer a challenge.
Because we’re all in this together, sunshine. (Cue High School Musical theme song.) 

These frequent Shine incentives hold me accountable and inspire me BIG TIME. Truly, I feed off of your successes, improvements, and awarenesses that you share through social media, emails, texts, calls…you get the picture.

And from Shine readers’ responses, these challenges help others, too.

So here’s what’s happening in January.

For the entire month–31 days–I am committing to completing 100 reps of 31 different exercises that will help you become stronger and healthier.

And guess what, sunshine? 
You won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.
You’ll simply log on to Shine’s FB page and complete 100 reps of the MOD–“move of the day”–whenever it’s convenient for you.

And another bonus–do the reps as you wish: 
100 all at once
4 sets of 25
10 sets of 10
Whatever floats your boat–whatever suits your fancy.
Just do it!

Ok, but here’s what I want you to do next. 

Find a pair of jeans or a dress–something that you want to feel more comfortable in after this challenge–and snap a picture–like the one of me above.

sunshine, these are my favorite work pants. They’re Halogen size 12–sadly, they used to be loose. This will serve as a base line to measure your progress over the course of the month, and we’ll snap another again on January 31. #wink

Now take action.
Commit to these 100 moves and to eating cleaner and drinking water like you’re a camel, and I bet you’ll see and feel a difference by month’s end.

And one last thing. 
I will be posting on social media and in weekly blogs using #shinewithfranniemod. (MOD= “move of the day.”) Use the same so we can be united and encourage one another online. 

Now you should know…I haven’t done many of these moves 100x myself, so this might get downright comical, but I am super excited and hope you’re in for this, too!  If so, simply hit reply with “YES!” then stay tuned online beginning tomorrow for 31 moves to kick start 2019! Let’s not say,
“I should…”
“I could…”
“I would…” Let’s talk in February, sunshine, and say, “I DID!” 
P.S. Don’t forget to LMK if you are in for the challenge.
Oh, and don’t stop here–share this with one person in your inner circle whom you see and interact with daily to inspire and encourage you along the way! (Besides me, your virtual FB coach and weekly blogger.)