How will you remember ’22?

It is hard to believe that summer is officially over this week.

We will usher in fall and our Jewish friends (and perhaps some of us) will celebrate Rosh Hashanah (one of 4 New Years in the Hebrew calendar.)

Pumpkin spiced everything, sweaters, and campfires will mark the season but friend, this is a perfect time to ask yourself: how do I want to remember 2022?

I think we can all remember key events that marked particular years.

Your high school graduation year.
Moving to a new city or state.
Your wedding anniversary.
A significant career transition.

And there may be even some really unique adventures that commemorate yesteryear list like going to the annual hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque! (I am headed there in a few weeks!)

I am not sure what 2022 has held in store for you so far, but I do know that God is on the move, and He’s up to some pretty amazing work in the lives of many of my friends and loved ones–and mine, too. I just love watching things unfold as God fulfills His promises.

At the time of this writing there are 104 days remaining in ’22.
So friend, I ask again: how will you remember this year? 

If you’re waiting for a promise to be fulfilled, or you’re working on acquiring the resources to make that dream a reality, or you need the motivation to achieve the goal, what ONE action can you take this week to get closer to seeing your prayer, hope, or goal happen this year?!

If you’ve wanted to connect with God in a newfound or deeper way this year,  or you want to prioritize your health,
or you want to have a girls’ getaway, 

the Shine retreat is certainly a memorable way to top off ’22!
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