Hello! I’m Frannie!

I am on a mission to help you get healthier, stronger and more confident using God's Word!




Hello! I’m Frannie!

Sweet sister! I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Frannie Foltz, and I help women become healthier, stronger, and more confident using God’s Word so they can live fully, freely, and fearlessly.

You were made to be free.

You see, the enemy wants to keep us trapped in poor–or at least “less than”–health, because when we’re not operating in our optimal health, (spirit, soul, or body) we’re not as big (if any!) of a threat to satan. And let’s be real–we’re certainly not as jazzed to building The Kingdom when we don’t feel our best.

Annnnndddd….you know what else, sweet sister? That darn-ole-devil wants us to keep us from pursuing our dreams, too. You know?  The very ones that The Lord placed on your heart decades ago that you’ve lost hope in after all of the years of not seeing them come to pass?! Yeah. Not fulfilling those God-given desires pretty much serves the enemy our power and control on a silver platter. 

But starting today, the enemy is no longer the boss of you! You’re reclaiming your power and taking control of your health as you commit your health into His Hands! 

Have you ever…

  • self-sabotaged? You know–lose 10, gain 20 and buy new clothes every season?
  • looked for love in “all the wrong places” (food, relationships, alcohol, shopping, etc…) only to be disappointed every time?
  • tried every new trending diet, pill, or program that comes on the market?
  • started a new diet E.V.E.R.Y. Monday?
  • been disappointed (or downright disgusted)  when you look in the mirror?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the statements above, you are not alone!
I’ve been there, sweet sister!
E.V.E.R.Y. single of these statements–I’ve lived.

And I want to help you live freely, fully, and fearlessly.

Click the link below and let’s spend some time together. 

It’s time to live free, sister!

A great way to for us to get acquainted is through my podcast.

Click the link below to listen to episodes of The Shine with Frannie Show.

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“He sent me to heal the wounds of the brokenhearted, to tell captives, “You are free,” and to tell prisoners,
Be free from your darkness.”

Isaiah 61: 1 TPT