Why I think New Year’s resolutions are a bunch of bologna

Written by Foltz

On December 30, 2019
Last year I did a Facebook LIVE video explaining why I believe New Year’s resolutions are stupid. 

My belief was further affirmed by something I read in Levi Lusko’s most recent book, I Declare War. 

 “Astronauts on the International Space Station orbit the Earth every ninety minutes, which means they watch the sun rise and set sixteen times a day…They are moving 17,500 mph or 5 miles per second…this is key for you to remember as you lean in to the reset God wants to give you…You needn’t write off a day that has been tainted. You can start over on the spot. Shake your internal Etch-a-Sketch! There are brand new mercies waiting for you. Only pride and silliness allow a bad decision to turn into a bad day and make you defer until tomorrow what you need to do right now.” p. 7

You see, we don’t need the ball to drop at midnight on Times Square to hit “reset” on our goals.

We can’t undo an entire six-week period of overeating, over drinking and over spending with a simple flip of the calendar page. 

But what we can do is start anew every single time we hit a roadblock. 
We have opportunities to right our wrongs and redirect our paths. 

So you had a donut at the Monday morning meeting.
Drink extra water and make healthier choices for lunch and dinner. 

So you hit snooze 3x this week.
Pack your clothes and go directly to the gym after work today.

Don’t beat yourself up.
Don’t hesitate on doing the next right thing. 

Start afresh.
Begin again. 

You actually have far more opportunities than the astronauts on the space station–in fact, 1,440 of them–for that’s how many minutes are in a day and that’s how many chances you have to start anew!

Here’s to a new year filled with God’s unending mercy and grace and a year of restored hope!

This is your time,


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